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Founded by James O. Hill, PhD and John C. Peters, PhD, America On the Move (AOM) is an evidence-based nonprofit helping to improve health and quality of life by promoting healthful eating and active living among individuals, families, communities, worksites, and more. AOM has partnered with the University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust to provide this solution to all participants of the self-insurance program as well as its dependents.

Research shows that small, specific changes in food and physical activity behaviors have positive effects on health and can effectively stop weight gain. This is possible by making incremental changes, such as adding 2,000 extra steps and eating 100 fewer calories each day.

With AOM, you can track steps, convert activities, and log foods. You can even select small change goals specific to your individual lifestyle and receive motivational messages and tips to achieve those goals.

Commit to your health with AOM. We'll back you every step of the way with great tools and strategies to help you succeed—all based on sound science. The first step is simply creating an account!

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Total participants: 108
Total steps: 2,851,992
Total miles: 1,425
Calories burned: 142,500